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Valour FC William Akio Miss

Valour Captain Backs Akio After Miss Goes Viral

By on July 11, 2022 0 2443 Views

There’s no denying it: it was a bad day at the office for William Akio.

The 23-year-old striker procured a bizarre miss last night that has now been viewed over seven million times, likely making it the most-viewed Canadian Premier League content to date.

While the nightmare gaff has drawn a lot of comments from around the globe, Akio’s team captain Daryl Fordyce was quick to come to the defense of the young striker, and even tried to point the crowd towards a stellar goal he’d scored last year.

“We all have good days and bad days,” the veteran midfielder said on social media. “Let’s not forget about this piece of brilliance from an exceptional player – one of the hardest working and most genuine persons I’ve ever played with!”

Indeed, viewers who look a little deeper will have quickly seen that the young striker is actually the club’s second-most all-time top goalscorer behind Moses Dyer, who eventually bagged the team a win with a well-placed goal later on.

Akio and Dyer had combined for seventeen goals last season, and have produced seven goals between them in Valour’s thirteen league matches this year.

Valour FC William Akio Goal
Akio has cored against Halifax before.

While Akio may have to live on with having struck one of the worst misses in football history, there appear to be brighter pastures ahead the South Sudanese international: he’s rumoured to be a target for Scottish Premiership side Ross County, who recently signed his younger brother.

If last night’s match has a chance of being Akio’s last home game, it’d be no wonder why he’d be desperate to get a foot to the ball.

Several million views later, however, it remains to be seen if the miss will haunt Akio or if he’ll stay afloat of the gaff that brought a flurry of quickfire critiques onto the young domestic professional league. That evidently isn’t a bad thing for the league’s streaming service OneSoccer, however, with one intern chiming that there was no such thing as bad publicity.

Regardless of what happens next, it’s always good to see a team captain come to the defense of a young teammate – though it also goes to show that people certainly come in bulk to criticize, but fewer pour in for the highlight days.

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