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Vancouver FC Stadium

Vancouver FC Teases Arrival of Modular Stadium

By on February 9, 2023 0 1779 Views

Canadian Premier League expansion side Vancouver FC is scheduled to play its first home game in just under three months time, with its stadium still to be assembled.

The club will play out from Langley’s Willoughby Community Park, where it will plant its flag with a modular stadium that it states will be fully installed ahead of their inaugural home match.

Today’s announcement implies that the stadium pieces for such a venture have arrived from abroad, with more news about the stadium expected to come shortly.

Canadian Premier League Langley
Photo Credit: Canadian Premier League

It was almost exactly one year when Vancouver FC President Rob Friend revealed that the club’s stadium plans had been essentially finalized shortly before the club’s decision to settle in Langley, which means the club has had quite some time to prepare for this moment.

With the ground work for the modular stadium’s installation having already started last month, it sounds like the bulk of the installation is expected to quickly take place over the next two months.

While the Vancouver FC roster and preseason are taking shape, the club still has yet to reveal much by way of its stadium, for which the look, capacity, and full construction timeline have yet to be confirmed.

Given that the club owners SixFive Sports and Entertainment also happen to operate SixFive Stadiums, a boutique modular stadium supplier, this looks like the ultimate in-house test for business.

With Pacific FC in the midst of solving the stadium hydro pole situation that forced broadcasts to film from a low angle, there’s good stadium news aplenty out west – which is some positivity needed given that Saskatoon’s stadium plans have resulted in a recently-filed lawsuit.

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