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Pacific FC Shun Takano

Pacific FC Prospect Shun Takano signs With Victoria Highlanders

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Back when Pacific FC only had 15 registered players during its Punta Cana preseason, it looked like 23-year-old midfielder Shun Takano was set to sign for the Vancouver Isle side. After trialing for some time, he was even spotted in full kit for the club’s media day, with a small video of him being tweeted out and quickly removed.

Today, Canadian USL2 club Victoria Highlanders FC has confirmed its own capture of the creative midfielder, along with the signings of Takano’s fellow countryman Kensho Ando and Canadian defender Connor Guilherme.

Somewhat quietly, Shun Takano will be one only a handful of players who ever got to fully suit up for a professional side they never ultimately signed for. It’s quite a rarity in the modern footballing world.

Takano came to Vancouver from Chiba, Japan as an ESL student with an intention to ply his football trade at a higher level. He made a strong case for himself at Vancouver Island University, where he put in an MVP performance in 2017 that helped the team to win the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Nationals. He was also a finalist for Sport BC’s College Athlete of the Year, and Victoria Highlanders FC will be undoubtedly pleased to secure his services.

With PFC head coach Michael Silberbeaur constructing a youth-focused side, Takano’s age of 23 would have made him just under average for the youthful squad. The club has already hit its required amount of domestic U-21 minutes for the season, becoming the first Canadian Premier League side to do so.

For now, Takano is able to remain in British Columbia as he pursues his football ambitions in USL2. One never knows – perhaps the Canadian Premier League hasn’t seen the last of him yet.

Source: Victoria Highlanders FC

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