June 17, 2024
  • June 17, 2024
York United 2023 Roster Update

Ten New Departures For The Nine Stripes

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A new roster update from York United has confirmed a multitude of player departures headlined by out-of-contract defender Chrisnovic N’sa.

The Nine Stripes have also declined options on internationals Azriel Gonzalez, Lisandro Cabrera, Luis Lawrie-Lattanzio, Sebastian Gutierrez, Tobias Warschewski, and William Wallace, while domestic players Noah Verhoeven and Felix N’sa both had their options turned down.

York United has also agreed to a mutual termination for Eduardo Jesus, the Brazilian left-back who made 17 appearances but dropped out of the matchday squad by the summer.

Chrisnovic N'sa York United
Photo Credit: John Jacques

Chrisnovic N’sa has been out-of-contract since the season ended, with the 23-year-old right-back having made 58 appearances for the side since joining from Halifax. He’s been a key player for the team, but he’s now confirmed to be moving on elsewhere.

The club remain in discussions with club original Roger Thompson, with discussions also ongoing with Michael Petrasso and Jordan Wilson.

The team has already seen several high-profile player exits with the departures of Dominick Zator and Isaiah Johnston, while both Mateo Hernandez and Mamadou Kane have transferred elsewhere.

Ronan Kratt remains on the York United roster for now, with the team currently in discussions with Werder Bremen following a trial stint in Germany, with early indications being that there might be loan opportunity before any transfer.

Germany is also where Tobias Warschewski is currently trialing, too.

In terms of inbound players, the club has added Dutch defender Lassana Faye, along with Canadian players Elijah Adekugbe, Jeremy Gagnon-Lapare, Markiyan Voytsekhovskyy.

You can see the current club roster here, with today marking ten new player departures for the Nine Stripes. The team roster currently stands at fifteen players.

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