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York9 FC Manny Aparicio

York9 FC Re-Signs Team Captain Manny Aparicio

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York9 FC Captain Manny Aparicio will be back leading the team for the 2020 Canadian Premier League season.

The Nine Stripes captain recorded some 31 appearances throughout the inaugural campaign, scoring two goals and collecting seven yellow cards in the process.

Speaking with Northern Tribune regarding his new one-year-contract, the midfielder stated he was more than happy to captain the side through another year of Canadian Premier League action:

Coming into the first season, nobody really knew what it was going to be about. But, it’s exciting. It’s exciting to be back and to play at home, and be able to captain the side, and everything that comes with it. Hopefully next year it’s better for the club and better individually as well. We want more, and we want to be in the final next year.

Manny Aparicio

The 24-year-old also revealed that he’s aiming to increase his goalscoring output from what fans saw in this year, which included an absolute rocket against Pacific FC that made the Sportsnet Top Ten. The York9 FC midfielder collected a yellow card for his shirtless stir-the-pot celebration afterwards, with the Nine Stripes captain stating he’s aiming to collect less yellow cards next season.

Having led his side to a third-place finish in the cumulative league table, the fiery midfielder believes that the York Region club can reach the finals come 2020. Jim Brennan has already begun restructuring his squad with that goal in mind, releasing some six players last month to clear the way for squad improvements.

Aparicio recognizes that such departures are a grim reality of the professional game, but one that’s necessary if the club is to climb further up the league table next year:

The reality is players will come and players will go for our team, we’re announced about 6-7 guys that have been released. Now it’s where the team starts to change a little bit, and we’ll see how it goes for next year, but we’re all excited about it and we’re ready to go.

Manny Aparicio

The club has also confirmed that goalkeeper Nathan Ingham will return for the 2020 season, while both Morey Doner and Simon Adjei have made their own re-signing announcements on social media, too.

York9 FC only utilized three of its seven allowed international roster spots this year, though the club’s recently-completed international scouting combine in Mexico suggests that the number of foreign players may rise in 2020. The club also drafted 20-year-old midfielder Stefan Karajovanovic and local youngster Isaiah Johnston in the CPL-U SPORTS Draft. In the event that both draft picks are signed, York9 FC will have two of its three required domestic U-21 players squared away for 2020.

Whoever ultimately signs for the Nine Stripes between now and then, it’ll be Manny Aparicio leading them out onto the pitch for the next season.

The length of Aparicio’s contract is set for one year, with no options included for 2021. Financial details regarding the contract were not released by York9 FC.

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