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Atletico Ottawa Bernandinho

Atletico Ottawa Releases Bernardinho

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Canadian Premier League side Atletico Ottawa has announced that it has mutually terminated its contract with Ghanaian winger Osah Bernardinho, while Canadian winger Jordan Webb will not attend the bubbled segment of the 2021 Canadian Premier League season.

Bernardinho had re-signed with the club this February despite having been unable to attend last year’s Island Games tournament due to visa difficulties. Unfortunately, those beurocractic roadblocks have persisted, causing the club to mutually terminate its contract with the left winger nearly 450 days after signing him.

Atletico Ottawa Jordan Webb

The Ottawa-based expansion side also stated that Jordan Webb – who had proven a prolific athlete while abroad in Singapore – will not be joining the side in Winnipeg for The Kickoff. It remains to be determined whether he will ultimately join the team following the bubbled segment of the season.

With both wingers having been tipped to be creative dangers coming in from the wing, they seem a sizable loss for the expansion side. Still, with players like Ryan Telfer, Chris Mannella, and Alberto Soto in midfield (among others), the roster rebuild still looks quite good on paper.

With the team making an official announcement post for its roster present in Winnipeg, it appears that no replacements will be coming in for Bernardinho or Webb. With that, it looks like the club will have twenty players for its opening eight matches at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Atletico Ottawa will take part in the 2021 Canadian Premier League season opener against FC Edmonton this Saturday.

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